Satisfied at CitySpace

This year’s Customer Satisfaction Survey was quite a successful one for our employees and the company as a whole. The main aspects of cooperation with CitySpace were rated very highly. We also investigated which factors and how much they influence the choice and satisfaction with the use of flexible office spaces.

Why choose a serviced office as your business headquarters? (Satisfaction Survey 2022)

As the responses of CitySpace customers indicate, one of the most important factors is office location. Operators who have a network of offices in a given city have a definite advantage over their competitors. This, among other reasons, is why CitySpace has 4 serviced offices in Warsaw, 4 office locations in Wroclaw, serviced offices in Katowice, Krakow, and coworking in Tri-City (Gdansk). By having a network, we maximize the chances of being a convenient location for more people. It is worth noting that the dispersion of locations in a given urban agglomeration makes it possible to take advantage of CitySpace’s offer in a modern and diversified way, e.g. by having smaller offices in different locations.

CitySpace offices in Wroclaw:

According to the survey, nowadays more companies and corporations are paying attention to the quality of office buildings, and thus to environmental sustainability. Presence in A-class office buildings is most often a guarantee of BREEAM certification, which specifies, for example, the use of green energy, access to daylight, the natural and recycled building materials used in construction, and much more. CitySpace is beneficent from being in the highest-rated green office buildings from Echo Investment, as a member of the capital group of Poland’s largest developer.


Serviced office, what is it in 2022? (Satisfaction Survey 2022)

Service, which appears in the name of the product serviced offices, derives from the English word “service” meaning service or more accurately customer service, meaning the company and its employees. For us today, this is one of the most important categories we study. To fully assess its quality, we asked customers about several criteria, including:

  • administrative and reception services, which are included in the office price (handling company mail, greeting guests, etc.)
  • access (24 hours) to technical service
  • all-day support from the specialists of the Client Service department (coordination of the handling of defects, assistance with room reservations, etc.)
  • support from IT specialists (internet problem, printer connection, etc.)
  • cooperation with the Sales department (product advice, office space optimization, negotiations)

A score of 8.3/10 for customer service is the average customer rating of the above areas, which confirmed our daily feelings! CitySpace customers are highly satisfied with the care of their businesses. The word “service” that is repeated like a mantra when describing the flexspace industry is not just CitySpace’s “extra employees” who take care of the companies in their space. It is on the shoulders of flexspace operators to provide quality IT infrastructure, follow advanced security procedures or provide delicious coffee, but “kitchen equipment,” “internet and IT infrastructure” and “hygienic security in the context of COVID” are different categories from CitySpace Satisfaction Survey 2022 that we will discuss in our next blog post.

To be continued.

The survey, which included 226 CitySpace customers, was conducted using the CAWI method in June-July 2022 on behalf of CitySpace by the Biostat – Research and Development Center sp. z o.o.

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