The interior design of the CitySpace MidPoint office is, in some form, the culmination of a journey begun in 2016 with the opening of our brand’s first project. The projects we have created have always been characterised by a focus on functionality through excellent acoustics, room lighting and differentiation of the different zones. Changing needs in the post-pandemic era and the requirements of companies to work in objectively nice places meant that our approach to design also had to change.

The interior of Wrocław’s CitySpace MidPoint office was designed by the Fruitorchard studio and architect Katarzyna Miastkowska. In its basic assumptions, the project was to be bright and light. Its colour scheme is characterised by tranquillity – shades of green, blue, brown and beige support concentration, allow the space to brighten up and have a relaxing effect. Importantly, we expect the same qualities from our flats and homes. This is why CitySpace’s interiors are finished with furniture that has a cosy, homely feel. Notable features include a wooden wall with a built-in television – a solution familiar from our living rooms. The same principles guided the design of the kitchen and dining area – warmth, cosiness, the use of plants in the form of herbs – all contribute to an interior where you want to spend time, not just fulfil your needs.

The office is a message

The office, next to value and visual identity, is the most important message about a given company. Recognising the potential of the office due to its excellent location on Powstańców Śląskich Street, we decided to design the interior (and especially the lobby) in such a way that it would be a business card for our clients’ companies. The walls feature, among other things, green and blue mirrors by Oskar Zięta. Most of the furniture and the reception area are made of solid wood or light veneer. The cohesiveness of the interior is provided by carpet fabrics and abstract paintings, which use the colour palette found throughout the office.

Eclectic and coherent

The end result, seen in the latest photo shoot, is an inviting interior. The diversity of office functions: from private offices to communal spaces, kitchens, dining areas to meeting rooms or bathrooms, naturally leads to an accumulation of multiple furniture, ornaments and materials that are coherent and harmonised. In order to maintain aesthetic continuity, an often visible solution proposed by architects is the use of gradients – smooth transitions between colours. These can be seen on walls, paintings and upholstery.

If you want to get started at CitySpace MidPoint or simply want to drop in for a coffee and see our latest project live, see the location page and get in touch!