The largest Polish developer and owner of the CitySpace brand – Echo Investment, in agreement with the management of the city of Warsaw, launched a temporary home for nearly 1,500 refugees in the Warsaw Empark complex. The quarters have been filling up since Thursday (3.03) with residents – mainly women and children. Basic needs such as shelter, beds and food have already been provided, but it is likely that people may stay there for a longer period of time. For this reason, we also want to equip these places with things necessary for… play, learning and children’s relaxation!

CitySpace with the help of its community of customers provides a bit of normality for the youngest tenants of those flats! In Krakow and Warsaw CitySpace locations we’re collecting, among others, toys for children of people fleeing Ukraine, especially (UPDATE):

🔸 underwear (both children and adults), in particular:
🔹 warm socks,
🔹 women’s panties,
🔹 men’s boxers,
🔹 children’s bodysuits.

🔸 portable and lightweight furniture such as:
🔹 clothes hangers/racks,
🔹 fabric closets.

At this moment, we have received enough of the following products:

🔸 mascots,
🔸 blocks, lego blocks,
🔸 art supplies,
🔸 board games,
🔸 coloring books,
🔸 books for toddlers in Ukrainian and Russian,
🔸 other educational toys.

If you feel like joining our organized collection, we’d love to meet you for coffee! Below is the list of locations where you can donate. Thank you!


📌 CitySpace Rondo1 (business card on Google Maps)

📌 CitySpace Beethovena (business card on Google Maps)

📌 CitySpace Development Park (business card on Google Maps)

📌 CitySpace Union Square (business card on Google Maps)

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