On 23rd May at Galeria Młociny, the CitySpace Club opened a new co-working space arranged in five nicely designed and perfectly equipped cargo containers, permitting a comfortable working environment and also the organization of business meetings. Afterwards, in Q3 2019, a co-working space with 60 desks and meeting rooms will be added alongside the cargo containers.

The new co-working facility in Galeria Młociny, which will open soon in the vicinity of the underground and the transport hub at Młociny, fits perfectly into the spirit of a modern, multi-functional shopping and entertainment complex. Instead of working and meetings at restaurants or cafés, City Space will offer a professional office arranged in five original cargo containers on the second floor of the facility. The larger container-office with six work-stations and a glorious view of the entire entertainment zone will be placed on upper level, while a further 12 desks and a reception area will be located in four lower containers.

The interiors will feature a comfortable and ergonomic office furniture. For the needs of meetings and presentations, LCD screens can be hung on the walls. Tenants will have access to an ultra-quick and stable internet connection. Designers from Medusa Group also took care of appropriate illumination solutions, which being healthy, positively influence concentration during work time.

By locating a co-working facility at Galeria Młociny we will show, that space for work do not have to be located only in office buildings. CitySpace Club Młociny invites everyone to make use of the desks, for whom what is important at work and after hours is in one place. What’s more special is that we are talking about an address with excellent transportation facilities, access to the underground, and furthermore, that it is located in a young and very dynamically developing district, in which office competition is practically non-existent – says Lisa Zettlin, Head of Business Development CitySpace.