Work how you want and when you want

Separate your professional life from your private and instead of sitting and working with your laptop at a café, why not rent your own desk at the CitySpace Club. An open space, where you can work comfortably and effectively. Become a coworker. Exchange with others your experience and knowledge, organize meetings, and make use of all of the facilities of a modern office.

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What is it?

Dedicated, permanent desks in a shared office space where you can work every day and leave your things when you leave in the evening. With a comfortable chair, a cupboard for those most essential items, and a waste bin. You have access to meeting rooms and conference rooms, as well as complete reception support. There is the possibility of making use of the first-rate kitchen facilities, with freshly brewed coffee, juices, water, fruit and snacks. Plus, you’ll be able to participate in events organized for and by members of the CitySpace Club.

For Whom?

→ startups
→ small companies
→ people working remotely
→ freelancers
→ specialists
→ consultants and advisors

What Do We Offer?

→ a comfortable and well designed workplace with flexible membership options
→ fast Internet, a print and scan facility
→ access to a fully equipped kitchen with unlimited coffee, tea and water
→ invitations to events for the CitySpace Club community
→ CitySpace managers assistance on site
→ all costs billed on a single invoice

Coworking CitySpace Club - mural - prywatna przestrzeń biurowa


Need a desk to work from?

Let us know where, from when and how many co-working workstations you need. We will look after of the rest.

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Paulina Dominiak-Bienias